Terms & Conditions:

Terms and conditions for enrolling Internship training programme are as follows:

The training session provided for the internship program will be free of charge. The candidate joining the internship program must purchase a server hosting platform with Micro-Service Architecture, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Bluehost, and Digital Ocean, for streaming the videos. The amount paid for the server hosting platform is non-refundable and serves as confirmation for the portal purchase related to the internship program, as agreed upon.There will be a charge incase the candidate wants to transfer his server to anyone else.

Inmakes will offer placement support to candidates who successfully complete their internship program.

Candidates who avail placement services will be required to pay a total placement fee of 8% + GST of the CTC amount after getting placed. Initially, the candidate must pay 4% + GST of the CTC amount within 5 days of joining the company after placement. The remaining 4% + GST must be paid after the candidate receives their first salary (ISA Applicable). (The placement fees are applicable only to candidates who require placement services.)

Candidates have the option to switch between internship programs within the first 15 working days or 10% of class completion of their internship period.

There wont be any laptop or system provided by our end for the internship.

The candidate must complete mock interviews in order to get internship completion certificate.